Online assessment toolkit

Assessment is natural. People make hundreds of assessments every day to determine what to do in a variety of situations. We use our observations, assumptions and background knowledge to inform our decision-making processes. Usually, we make these decisions without ever formally acknowledging what goes into them before we move to our next decision.

Objective assessment is more challenging. To ensure that decisions are fair and consistent, we must be explicit about the which observations we use, the processes used to generate inferences from those observations, and the potential consequences of the assumptions underlying these processes. Different methods and tools are used to ensure that the data produced by assessments are as useful as possible to decision making processes.

Polymetrika's online tools facilitate the entire lifecycle of assessment to support transparent, well-informed decision-making:

  • Large-scale assessment project management (paper-and-pencil, online) for national, international and other inter-jurisdictional assessment projects
  • item development and test assembly for computer based assessment (CBA/CBT)
  • public and private item and test banks
  • survey development
  • online training with iterative learning-assessment-learning cycles
  • track production and quality of individual content developers
  • computer-based test delivery with many interactive closed and open-ended response formats
  • fully customizable test adaptivity supports high-security high-stakes and low-security learning-oriented assessments
  • automated scoring of selected-response and open-ended items
  • web-based manual scoring of selected-response and open-ended items
  • manage web-based scoring panels and track progress, accuracy and efficiency of individual markers
  • automated generation of natural-language score reports, using Classical (CTT) and Item Response Theory (IRT) methods
  • psychometric analysis of online and external item response data
  • Angoff-type and Bookmark method standard-setting with Hofstee compromise
  • download online response data for use in third-party software
  • produce and market online tests to third parties
  • integrate third-party client software systems with the Polymetrika API to register test-takers and access test results

All products are available through a common portal. Login to access your toolkit. One account can have multiple licenses with different privileges and content, allowing assessment professionals to serve multiple clients with secure confidentiality.

Flexible licensing options let you choose as much (or as little) functionality as you need, for as long as you need it.

Or, if you just want to get started with some item-banking, computer-assisted test assembly, and understandable psychometric analysis, check out the these free tools.