Polymetrika offers customized workshops on a variety of topics related to statistical measurement:
  • interactive item development:
    • single selection
    • short answer text
    • short answer numeric
    • document-based (forms)
    • multiple selection
    • highlighting text
    • drawing
    • drag-and-drop sorting and ordering
    • draggable gauges, and controls
  • Test design
  • Classical Test Theory and item analysis
  • Item Response Theory, Factor Analysis and other latent variable modeling
  • development of social measurement constructs (composite indicators)
  • Large-scale assessment design and management
    • Assessment project management
    • Sampling and probability weighting
    • Reporting and data visualization
  • data analysis:
    • traditional descriptive and inferential statistics
    • machine learning algorithms and fuzzy logic

When workshops are active, you can access the workshop material by clicking on the following button: Launch