TestLoom is a Windows desktop application that allows you to create item banks and test banks. The item banks and testbanks are stored in databases that can be saved and merged. This architecture allows assessment developers to work in parallel and synergize their efforts.

TestLoom is in perpetual beta release, with the intent to release it open-source soon.

TestLoom features the following functionality:

  • html formatted items and tests (rich text with images)
  • items are indexed by name and learning objective
  • accomodates items of any response type
  • scoring information for each item may be simple (correct response option) or complex (multi-facet rubric)
  • print-ready formatting with output direct to PDF format
  • test layout includes automatic page breaks between items and footer text
  • complete flexibility to customize test layouts before printing (e.g., adding cover pages or instructions)
Download TestLoom

you may also need to download and install an updated .NET Framework (4.0+) and SQL Server CE. Both are free from Microsoft.